Saturday, April 4, 2015

Oops---so behind!

Is it already past the 1st? Every month blogging just seems to take a back's been uber-insane at work....and I'm mentally exhausted. And it's not the what does that tell ya? thankful next week is Spring Break.

Sometimes I feel as if I need a change of venues....but I feel as if I'm still where I'm supposed to be....but I can definitely say....I'm exhausted in a way this year that I never have been. Having your character questioned and/or things being said about you that aren't true. It can take a's amazing how one or two people can sew in seeds of discord amongst your school to create havoc. 

Many of us are exhausted and many of us have this same discussion daily.....we're here for those one else.....but boy oh's draining. I've even asked about why/how it's always the ones who do what they are supposed to do that get beat down....makes no sense to me.....

Sorry for the rant....

Ask yourself: Do you surround yourself with people that uplift you? 

It's Currently time (can't believe I forgot that too!!!)

Just finished watching the Duke game (hubs is a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan) and now he's flipping between the other Final Four Game and Fight Club.....

So I'm wanting Duke to win the National Championship on Monday so the hubs will be happy!! :) 

And I'm on SPRING BREAK----can I get a Whoop Whoop!!!! I'm going to soak in the silence around here.......much needed.....because not only has it been crazy but this is what I've gotten as a response the last week.....hehehe...the students were tired too ;)

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As far as my name goes----it's my name! :) But I have a few friends who call me Nic-Nak. No clue how it started or why but they do....or just Nic.....:) Nothing special! :)

Here's a forever freebie in my store.....the end of the year is coming soon as well as various award's programs and such! I wanted to remind you of these Editable Graduation/Certificate awards.