Sunday, June 28, 2015

Camp Go Noodle Linky

When I found GoNoodle sometime last year (maybe?)...I completely fell in love with it on Day 1. What better way to get those wiggles out throughout the day!!??

I've shared it with my colleagues, the PE teachers, and anyone else that I can tell about it (even my Dad---who got quite a kick out of Pop-See-Ko! :)

If you follow me over on IG @mrsthigpenskindergarten, you can see my kinders dancing to some of their favorites!

So I'm linking up with Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections for her Camp GoNoodle Linky!

promo pic

I even had a parent this year tape her kid singing in the shower to Pop-See-Ko. LOL It gets stuck I'm tellin' ya. So are you home with the kiddos this summer and need some extra fun to add into your day!?? Then guess what!!! It's......

Camp GoNoodle

Camp GoNoodle

She's got some great information over at her page about GoNoodle. If you haven't heard of it for some reason.....then GO SIGN UP...It's FREE!! And it's AMAZING! :) And it's a LIFE-SAVER for those days when oh's starting to rain as you are on the way out to recess......

So PARENTS----GO now.....start it will LOVE it......check out Holly's INFO here for more answers if you need them!!

And as a BLOGGER BONUS.... GoNoodle will be doing a (random # generator) drawing next Saturday (July 4th) to choose one lucky "linker" to win this awesome Camp GoNoodle prize package! Hello swag!! :)