Monday, October 28, 2013

My Truth Monday---Creepy Edition!

I love this linky by Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade. I missed last week's Fitness edition (darn! LOL) but can't miss this one. How appropriate for this week. Let's get creeped out. It is Halloween week after all!

Foods that gross me out:
Ok, I'm a picky eater. I am not a seafood eater (at all) and refried beans just are gross. The whole nacho cheese thing in a's just weird looking at it. LOL. I'll eat it on nachos and stuff, but I rather not look at it or have to dip it out or anything else. It's weird. I know...shaking your head right? LOL

Scary movies:
Really rather not. I'm a jumpy person by nature. So the whole jumping out at me is a no no. I don't mind the blood and gore (Walking Dead Fan here!) but ugh, please don't play scary music and jump at me. 
Again, fingers in ears, one eye open...can't hear it...not so scary, right??? 

The Thing:
Snakes and roaches. Ugh. I can't even type why...they just freak me out.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Where Did October Go? Pumpkins and More!

This past week was a blur! I'm so glad that tomorrow is a teacher workday (and it's a workday with NO meetings!) I have lots I want to do tomorrow in my room, organize math stations, clean, organize, know...that stuff! :)

Last week was a busy busy busy here are some pictures of some things we did. 

This is our display wall. I love displaying their work like this....adds a little variety to the classroom. Here are our bats (we hung a few upside down!), candy corn man, and silly pumpkin projects. (You can see one spider in there...he sort of looks like a jelly fish!)

A close up of a few of our silly pumpkins! I love all of the eyes on the left pumpkin.

My students worked on the pumpkin project while I was at a workshop. Not only was I at this workshop...but another teacher and I were the ones LEADING the workshop. This was a totally new experience for me. I have never be in "charge" of a training before. Totally out of my comfort zone...I can speak in front of kiddos all day...not adults. But I had a blast. 

Donna (the other K teacher--if you are reading this Donna--HI!! :) and I had a lot of fun planning this workshop for the Pre-K teachers in the county about effective strategies to use in helping their students' transition to Kindergarten. We also provided TONS of resources to use in the classroom that aligned with the Common Core, as well as some fun make and take, grab and go activities.

Here are a few pictures..mostly me talking! LOL (Don't you love Donna's scarecrow labeling in the background!!??)
 Not feeling how the camera makes me look! LOL Stand up straight Nic!!

Not sure what we were chatting about here but it must've been something good!! They were making their own pumpkin labeling activity.

Back in the classroom---we also worked on sequencing the life cycle of a pumpkin. 

 Any good ideas on cleaning this tile board?? Expo marker cleaner doesn't do it justice.

Found these small orange paper plates at the Target dollar spot. I knew they would make great pumpkins. So I used the pumpkin life cycle and shrunk it down to 50% to fit the plates. I numbered the plates to help students "see" what to do. So once we made it on the board it helped those visual learners. 

I found the pumpkin life cycle cards in this pack by Nicole Ricca:


Here's a little freebie for you to help you finish out the last week of October! Click on the picture to grab it. Three different themes: Spooky, Monster, and Trick or Treat.