Sunday, March 31, 2013

Some of my favorite things

It's that time again....Flying into First Grade's Let's Get Aquainted Linky Party!


This week is all about favorite things. This should be fun.

Favorite Place to Shop 

Hands down. Maurices. I love this store. Always has great clothes and great prices. 

Old Navy also is a great place to shop. 


Favorite TV Show
This was hard to choose. Love New Girl! It's hilarious!!
I wish it lasted longer than 30 minutes though.

I also love Duck Dynasty too but blogger is acting weird so I can't post a picture all of a sudden. It's jumping everywhere....

Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead are my two secret faves (we were using Netflix to watch The Walking Dead and became hooked but we only finished season 1 and 2 I we are way behind).

Favorite Sweet Treat's a problem. Well most sweets are a problem b/c I have a huge sweet tooth but brownies I do believe are my weakness.

 Favorite Food
Hmm.. I love Italian food. Spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna. I honestly don't think I have a "favorite" that I just have to have all the time. Boring I know..but I can't think of a thing that I would call a favorite.

  Favorite Restaurant
Well I guess to piggyback off of the above, it would be Olive Garden. I love their Cheese Ravioli and I have just (in the last year) learned to like salad but I LOVE their salad.

 There you have it....just a few of my favorites. Hope you head over to LaToya's blog and link up your favorite things!!


 Why is blogger being weird? My post looks normal (the pictures are where they are supposed to be and the font is bigger....) before it's published....grrr.....

Friday, March 29, 2013

Five For Friday + Giveaways

This is my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five For Friday link up.


1. My kiddos were able to hold and touch bugs this week. Millipedes, cockroaches, worms, rolly poly's, and tobacco worms. Ew...most of them, I don't mind...the hissing cockroaches from Madagascar...that's another story. 

                    the only one I earthworm...I'm a wimp.

2. SPRING BREAK IS HERE. Today was my first day.....enough said! :) Unfortunately I'm battling bronchitis but still I'm off...and I slept...a lot...yay! :)
 Teachers count down the   days until spring break too :)

3. Sadness this week---one of my student's lost her mom unexpectedly on Tuesday. It's been tough dealing with that. Some of us went to the visitation tonight and it was hard. I haven't seen my student yet, and not sure if or when she'll come back, but I hope to see her after break. Prayers are with her family.

4. These scarves are keeping me busy. My friend and I have our first table at a Spring Bazaar in May. (The picture is terrible but it's the only one I had.)

5. Giveaways!!!! Make sure you enter!! I'm lucky to be able to be involved.

For tomorrow only my Alphabet Cards and Line-up will be 40% off at my TN shop. Check them out here

I hate the lighting in my room but here are the alphabet cards on my wall.

Sorry for that horrible picture! 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do you have spring fever? I do!! So why not a few giveaways!!??

One    more   day.............then a workday...then off......whew......

Can it hurry up? Are you on break now? Or, if not, when does yours start? I'm sooo ready nothing. 

So since we are all still waiting on spring...since it hasn't shown up dear bloggy friend Amanda from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten is having an awesome giveaway!!

The giveaway starts today and runs through midnight on Saturday, March 31st.

Check out these amazing prizes you could win:

{Click on the products to check them out on TpT or the names to check out the blogs.}

Insect Math & Literacy Unit {Brand new product - not posted to TpT yet!} by Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

And my other awesome friend is having a 400 follower giveaway. Make sure you check it out!!! There's only a few hours left!!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Manic Monday and Let's Get Aquainted!!

I'm linking up with Flying Into First Grade's Let Get Aquainted Linky Party (Week 3). I missed last week somehow so I wanted to make sure I did it this week. 

This week is all about nouns!
The NOUN Game

The noun game is where you simply just name your favorite person, place, thing, and animal.

So here it goes!
Favorite Person
Definitely my hubby. We met almost 11 years ago and have been married for 8 years now. We had our rough patch a few years back but thanks to the good Lord above, all is well. He is my best friend and a wonderful hubby. He works hard for our little family and I know that one day he will be a great dad.

 Favorite Place
If you've been reading my blog long enough, you'd know it is the beach! We are only about an hour and half away so I can go in a day if need be! :)
I don't go every weekend in the summer but we try if we can. 

Favorite Thing
This one is hard. I don't particular have a favorite thing. I guess the ipad for the classroom is great! 

Favorite Animal
Gotta be my dog. He is a spoiled rotten mess but we love him. He's our second fur baby because unfortunately our first little guy (a dachshund) had to be put down unexpectedly after 6 years, so then we got this little man. 

And dolphins are my next favorite. I'd never had the opportunity to get up close until last year when the hubs and I were able to go to Orlando. Here we are feeding them. It was amazing!!!! I'd love to go do this again!

Make sure you go link up to the Let's Get Aquainted Linky Party!!!

On to Manic Monday---here ya go! Let me know what you think!



Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog hop, giveaway, and basketball madness!

Quick post...It's March Madness so that means basketball. And if you are in my's Duke Basketball. My hubby is the biggest fan. Me? Well---growing up---die hard Tarheel fan, now---I'd rather watch hockey! Go 'Canes!!! Woo Woo! LOL

So of course with it being basketball season and all, I created this Mimio Activity to go along with my Basketball Madness Real Word/Nonsense Word sort.

                                                graphics by
The kiddos had to pull the basketball out from behind the player and sort them by real words or nonsense words. They seemed to really like this, especially the boys. 

I don't have the Mimio Activity available but you can grab up the Freebie here or here

One of my favorite bloggy friends has reached 400 followers!!! Irene over at Learning with Mrs. Leeby. Click on the picture to go enter her giveaway! She's got some awesome prizes to give out!


And while you are there....she's also hosting an awesome blog hop!

Some great freebies to grab up and then enter another giveaway she's hosting!! Be sure to check it all out!

Happy Friday----3 more days until Spring Break for me!! What about you?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm so lucky and Buy 1 Get 1!

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone!!! Hope you all remember to wear your green today! 
I'm linking up with Brittany over at Lovely Literacy & More for her Lucky Linky!

Such a cute graphic!!

I thank the good Lord everyday for how lucky I am. I'm healthy, I have a job that I enjoy, a roof over my head, and wonderful friends and family!

 This is my younger sister. I have two other step-sisters and three step-nieces as well! Love my family. This is the only picture I had available of any of us.

 The sunrise I get to see most mornings heading in to work!

 My awesome hubby who I thank God for each and everyday. We've been through a lot together but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  And of course, this little guy. Raylan. The Beagle. The ruler of the house. Enough said. 

 The fact that this view is only about an hour and half away. I'm one lucky girl to be able to go here in the summer anytime I want, if just for the day. Love it.

Also just being able to start on this adventure in blogging early last fall and just "meeting" so many wonderful bloggers. 

Fun in PreK-1

I've also linked up with Vera over at Bedford, Love and Teaching for a Buy 1 Get 1 Free St. Patrick's Day extravaganza.

Head over to my TPT store or my TN store and if you buy something, then you can get a 2nd item of equal or lesser value for FREE!!

See the post about it here!

Here's your freebie!

Click on the picture to take you there!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Extravaganza!!!

I'm glad it's Friday. Anyone else? Only 8 days before Spring Break. I think I can I think I can....or wait...can I???

Just wanted to tell you about a little St. Patrick's Day Extravaganza happening this Sunday ONLY. 

Vera, over at Bedford, Love and Teaching has put together this cute little graphic to go along with this big day. 

So for Sunday, March 17th only, if you buy something from my TPT store or my TN store, then you can get something of equal or lesser value for FREE!!!
Now that's a deal!!

All you have to do is email me with the following:
  • your username
  •  the name of the item you bought
  • the name of the item you would like for free (remember it has to be of equal or lesser value).
 I will then email you that free item.  

Make sure you hop over to Bedford, Love and Teaching and check out all the bloggers who will be participating and add to your wishlists!!

Oh, and over at my Teacher's Notebook store---My Sight Word Find Pack is 40% off!!! Today and tomorrow. It's a Daily Deal!!! So if you want something for your littles to practice if they are still struggling with sight words then this is it! Or just grab it up for next year!!

Click on the picture to take you there.