Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently & Flashback to October Fun!

We went on a field trip to the farm last Friday. Our kinders were able to "milk" a cow, go through a corn maze, play, and pick pumpkins!

They had a blast and passed out when we returned to school! (Red ribbon week, Halloween, field trip, and a full moon??? All in one week.....???) Yeh this teacher about passed out too....

Now for what's Currently happening!

 Listening: The Carbonaro Effect---If you haven't watched this guy...he's a magician and amazing!!

Loving: Ok seriously....I have a sweet tooth problem. And it doesn't help that Chips Ahoy makes Chocolate Chip Brownie cookies. Seriously. Put them in the fridge. Then eat them. Oh. My. Word.  That is all.

Thinking: No lesson plans for me. My intern is starting her all days tomorrow. So this begins 15 days of me NOT teaching. Weird! :)

Wanting: I need some new black boots. Mine have bit the dust.

Needing: I have so many projects I need to finish. My creative juices have stopped flowing...probably b/c of all that binge Grey's Anatomy Netflix watching I've been doing. :/

Yummy: Chicken & Pastry with some corn bread. Goodness gracious.....making me hungry right now!