Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freebies, Fire Trucks and Thanksgiving Pie!

Hey fellow's been awhile...or so it seems. Hope all is well out in bloggy land. If you haven't checked out the freebies over at Freebielicious you need to go now!!

It all starts with Kinderglynn. So click on the picture to take you through a host of blogs with some awesome freebies!!! Have fun!

To finish up Fire Prevention this month, our neighboring fire station brought over Sparky and Freddie the Fire Truck.

Here is Freddie and Sparky (they talk!!) The kids loved him!

The firefighters were explaining the gear that they wear and how not to be afraid. (It was sooo cold--thanks Hurricane Sandy and the winter weather for a wonderful mess everyone is having!)

I just finished a couple of Thanksgiving Activities. So I thought I'd pass along a freebie and   show off the other activity.

First, if you downloaded my Pumpkin Sight Word Practice then you'll enjoy my Thanksgiving Pie Build a Sight Word. Same format, but now with 4 & 5 letter words. These are great for independent center practice.

Next, I made a set of Thanksgiving Calendar Numbers.
Now your freebie. Thanks for reading all the way to be able to grab it up!!
It's a number, number word, and ten frame matching activity.

Click on the picture to grab it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stranded and Giveaway Winner!!

Whew...what a weekend....with Hurricane Sandy deciding to make an has, unfortunately, caused my Dad and the men's ministry team from his church to become stranded on Portsmouth Island out near Ocracoke. They are doing fine, just tired and ready to come home. So it's been quite an adventure with that, and making sure they are doing okay and have everything they need (not that we can take anything to them....)

Here is a picture that he sent me yesterday from one of his friends trucks below their cottage.                   Portsmouth Island
They were able to tow it out....but again that was yesterday...and it's still raining and whatnot....

Now on to the winner!!! Congrats Kirra for winning my 50 Follower Giveaway. I'll be emailing you soon! Thanks to everyone to who entered and are following my little ole blog......I appreciate your shout outs and comments. Thanks to my blogger buddies who re-posted the giveaway!. to listen to the wind, finish up a grad school project, and possible take a nap???

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

50 follower giveaway!!!!!

It still blows my mind that in this short period of time I have 50 followers now! So of course it's giveaway time!!!

Graphics by the3amteacher and Font by Hello Literacy

Please pass the word along...the contest will begin at midnight tonight and run through Saturday.

Thanks again for being such great followers to a blogging newbie!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spiders and 50 followers!!

Wow! It's so cool to see how fast I've reached 50 followers....kinda hard to on the look out soon.....I'm thinking about a giveaway..not sure what to do yet...but keep an eye open!

Now spiders...I always forget to take pictures..I'm terrible at that because we get so busy and then it's over and I'm like...crap...forgot pics again! But this time I did snap a couple of one little activity that we did from my Spiders Math and Literacy Unit.

This an Itsy Bitsy spider activity in which the students had to locate the word "the" and later in a blue crayon, they located all uppercase letters.
And then we went through the poem and drew pictures to represent the beginning, middle, and end. 
Hehe..notice how sad the spider is on this one when he was "washed" away.

Sorry for the lighting, but here it is using the Mimio and the document camera. 

You can find this in my Spiders Math and Literacy Unit along with:
Math activities include:
writing numbers 0-20 (3 versions)
ordering numbers 0-20
tally mark cards 1-10
math mats with spider counters 1-10

Literacy activities:
rhyming cards
Itsy Bitsy Spider poems (full size, half sizes)
Retelling activity with itsy bitsy spider
Spider brace map
Spider tree map
I see the ______ spider web. (with color words and color web cards) and sentence practice sheets

Also--body parts to make your own spider

Can you believe that tomorrow is already Monday...ugh? Where does the weekend go?
Stay tuned for a 50 follower giveaway...hmm...what to do....

Monday, October 15, 2012

I've been Boo-ed!!!

How cute is this idea! Tori at Tori's Teacher Tips started this Halloween linky party. I was Boo-ed by Cindy over at Granny Goes to School. So follow along and boo some others!

Here are the rules:

Here are a few Halloween goodies you can grab up!

This is my book over at TPT you can grab for free. Click on the picture to take you there!

Here is a little Spin and Cover--Ghost edition I created just for you. Click on the picture to grab it!

This isn't Halloween, but it's a Scarecrow Sight Word Color Sheet. Grab it up by clicking on the picture.

Hope you enjoy! And click on these awesome blogs for more goodies!!!

Erika and Sarah over at Clearly Kindergarten
Heather over at Heather's Heart

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm so excited...and I just will write it...

You know the feeling when you have forgotten you entered a giveaway and you get an email saying that you've won!? Well I do....that happened to me today. I had entered a giveaway in September over at Miss Kindergarten's blog. Totally forgot about it..until I received an email today from about how I have won 24 t-shirts for my class!!
YAY!! Check out their's great. I can't wait to get these ordered and see what they look like when they return!
Pretty cool huh?

Oh, Kelly over at First Grade Fairytales is having a 200 follower giveaway. One winner will receive a $25 TPT gift certificate and the second winner will win 5 of Kelly's favorite Halloween/Fall books. Head on over there to enter!!!

I'm almost at 50 something will be in the works soon if I reach 50!!! 
Thanks for following, it means a lot that you do. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Currently! October Fun!

I love Farley's Currently's! It's October and it's flying by....

Yes the quiet is what I was listening students are so chatty this year...and today was just oneofthosedays! WHEW!!!

So of course I'm glad tomorrow is above! :) and I live in Eastern NC and it's been ridiculously humid here this week (I feel like it's July again) and so I'm sooo ready for Fall to come and stay...which it should be hopefully making an appearance next week. I'm ready for my boots to be rockin' out! :)

Any good book suggestions out there for ME to enjoy?? I heart reading but just haven't had time lately but I need something good for me to sit back and be lazy and just read.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finally finished...whew...

I'm finally finished with my Pumpkin and Owl Fall Fun pack. Whew...I would've been finished so much sooner if it wasn't for some nasty cold that took hold of me. Click on the picture to take you to my TPT store. If you download the preview, you'll receive a freebie!!

This fun pack includes:

It also includes:
Spin and Graph game
Letter Order sheet 
Number words and Number matching 1-10
Number order sheet 1-20
Parts of a Pumpkin Poster and Cut and Paste
Letter and Number Sort
Letter and Word Sort

Hope that you go and check it out! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Linky Party

Yuck..I hate being sick and that's how it's been since last weekend. Finally feeling better...and now back to blog stalking hopping. Oh, the things that I've missed. (What did we do before this?? all the blogs, fellow teacher linkys, and TPT sales....hmmm) I was reading up on stuff I've missed, I ran across All Students Can Shine fall linky party. It's great...awesome bloggers have linked up their favorite Fall Activities! Hop over there and check it out.

Here are a few of my favorite Fall activities that I've posted. Click on the picture to take you to my TPT store.