Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freebies, Fire Trucks and Thanksgiving Pie!

Hey fellow's been awhile...or so it seems. Hope all is well out in bloggy land. If you haven't checked out the freebies over at Freebielicious you need to go now!!

It all starts with Kinderglynn. So click on the picture to take you through a host of blogs with some awesome freebies!!! Have fun!

To finish up Fire Prevention this month, our neighboring fire station brought over Sparky and Freddie the Fire Truck.

Here is Freddie and Sparky (they talk!!) The kids loved him!

The firefighters were explaining the gear that they wear and how not to be afraid. (It was sooo cold--thanks Hurricane Sandy and the winter weather for a wonderful mess everyone is having!)

I just finished a couple of Thanksgiving Activities. So I thought I'd pass along a freebie and   show off the other activity.

First, if you downloaded my Pumpkin Sight Word Practice then you'll enjoy my Thanksgiving Pie Build a Sight Word. Same format, but now with 4 & 5 letter words. These are great for independent center practice.

Next, I made a set of Thanksgiving Calendar Numbers.
Now your freebie. Thanks for reading all the way to be able to grab it up!!
It's a number, number word, and ten frame matching activity.

Click on the picture to grab it.

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  1. That freebie is adorable! Perfect for the holiday season. Thank you!

    Granny Goes to School