Monday, November 26, 2012

TPT sale and an I'm sorry

Ugh I hate being sick. Apparently the horrible stomach bug decided to attack me (of all people... Me!) on Saturday and I'm still under the weather. Then the Internet crashed so I'm apologizing that I don't have my December fun pack and a few other December goodies up on TPT in time for the sale. So because of that I'm extending my sale until Wednesday in hopes that I can get that stuff uploaded
by tomorrow.
Please hop over to my store though because everything is 20% off plus the extra 10% that TPT is offering!!!! I'm sending this through my phone so I can't post a link to my store but there is a link on my sidebar.
Again I apologize the stuff isn't uploaded so keep checking back through Wednesday and I hope you fill your cart with goodies today and tomorrow!!!!

My little buddy is keeping me company!!!

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