Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently July

Ugh...it's July 1st already? Where has my summer gone? This month will be crazy busy and I PROMISE to be a better blogger this month...offer up some freebies and more goodies. 

Farley is rockin' again......


Everyone is knocked out around here but me.....so all I hear is snoring!!

I'm definitely enjoying my summer this year (first summer in two that I haven't had grad school)---so it's been nice to do what I want when I want....which hasn't been a lot of anything!!

I have definitely been thinking about creating new products!!! I have a couple of things I want to update for the coming year. Any suggestions about what you might want to see?

I would love to be able to meet all of my bloggy peeps in Vegas---but it's a no go....maybe one day!

Productivity---??? Teacher off for the summer??? Hmm....we shall see.

I'm in eastern NC and that little 'ole storm out there that is named Arthur is trying to show up on Thursday and Friday. So not sure how the 4th will turn out weather wise.......


  1. I love the design & colors of your blog! Very cute. I hope you have a fun time in Vegas. I've never been.

    Jennifer Laman
    Laman's Terms

    1. Oh..I wish I could go...that's my wanting! But it's a no go....thanks though

  2. I'm definitely wishing I was going to Vegas this year, too! We are going to be super jealous when everyone is blogging from Vegas, boo. The timing just didn't work for me this year - maybe next year though.
    Hope that storm passes you by!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  3. I love conferences--I like getting to know different people (so blogging will have to suffice). Thanks for stopping by my blog. I noticed you commented already : ) I hope the storm doesn't affect your week.
    Kids Math Teacher

  4. Hopefully Arthur stays away long enough that you can enjoy your holiday. So nice that you are done with grad school so you can really enjoy your summer. Looking forward to seeing what new stuff you create!

    Luv My Kinders

  5. Good luck with Arthur! :) That was the name of one of my sweet little students this past year! Keep enjoying your time off, hun! xoxoxo
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby