Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Smash-Up & Currently

It's definitely been a while since I've blogged. The good 'ole wrist doesn't seem to want to hold up to computer work and I've been trying to "save" it since school will start back soon. And then it's on! :)

I'm a little late with the Currently but I try to never miss it----thanks Farley for always doing this!


Listening---Well Tin Cup is over now so it's commercials, but my hubs loves watching movies so I'm usually listening to whatever he has on.

Loving--That we had an awesome trip to Kentucky for our mission trip. It's great to be back home though (see below for some pictures!)

Thinking--Ok, terrible teacher here...I've barely prepped for this upcoming year...and I have to start back in two weeks (the kiddos come the 25th). Ugh...sometimes my creative juices just completely stop and I just don't know what to do!

Wanting--A few more weeks of summer (not just two!) I have a lot to do and little time to do it.....I'll enjoy it while I can though!

Needing--To finish laundry....being gone a week with no washer and dryer....ugh....catch up time!

1st day with kids--Will be exhausting...but we stagger our kids the first 4 days in Kindergarten (meaning we will only have 5-7 each day the first 4 days and then that 5th day they ALL show up)  August 18th for me----the 25th for the kiddos!

As I mentioned before, we went to Kentucky on a mission trip. This is our 4th summer going and we LOVE every minute of it. If you follow me on InstaGram, then you've seen some pictures of what we've been up to. If you don't....then follow me @mrsthigpenskindergarten :)

We usually have around 45-55 people that go and there are many jobs that are completed during the week. One big job we had this week was to hand out 1050 FILLED book bags to schools/students in need. We started off with only 3 schools but God opened up the doors for us to bless 5 schools as well as partner with local missionaries to allow students/parents to try on and get brand-new shoes at one-particular school.

Our first day there---this was taken after church. 

 These are just some of the book bags we packed before heading to KY.

 My friend Robin and I packing one of the trailers for the first school---yes
I'm that short (LOL only 5'2) and she's that tall! :) This was a joke all week.

The third school---it was the biggest day yet. I'm in the pink hat and blue shirt. We are
picking out various shoes to fit the students and parents that need them.

My most favorite place in all of KY. It was our last night there and this was the sun
setting behind the mountain.

We had a blast as always....and it's always a reminder of how blessed I am. 

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I'm also LOVING this new exclusive for August---how appropriate for ALL teachers. Let me know if you would like to Host a Party in August or September to earn free stuff. (I'll also give a free 1/2 sheet of wraps to someone who books a party with me in August!)

                                 Photo: Ok teacher friends!!! Check out our Sister's Style Exclusive for August!!! I can't wait to wear it for Open House!


  1. Wow! I've never heard of staggering the start for Kindergartners. That is so genius! I bet it really gives you a chance to get to know your kiddos and teach your rules, routines, procedures, etc. That's so awesome! Good luck tackling your B2S preparation! :)


  2. Hi there! I just started following you on Instagram, looks like you had a great week of blessing others!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes