Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Currently!!

Two posts in one week...say whaaaatttt!!!?

Yep it's that time...and I missed last month so I was definitely not going to miss this month!!

Here it goes...

Listening----It was The Bucket List--(I love Morgan Freeman!!) but now it's The Terminator or something the hubs turned it to.....I need to switch over to Vampire Diaries...

Loving--- I'm a summer girl...but this time of year always makes me happy. The humidity is almost gone (ugh) and the colors and all the fun stuff that happens this safety, Halloween, pumpkins, bats, spiders oh my!

Thinking---Thinking about lesson plans. I'll be out of work next week for two days, so I need to do my planning plus plan for a fun.....but excited to be heading back to Kentucky, where our mission team goes each summer!

Wanting--- I'm wanting to book some fast and fun Jamberry parties this month--so I'm looking for ladies who love to have cute nails and who want to earn free stuff!!! I just ordered these!!! So excited....

Needing---a nap! Before bed. We took the kiddos to the fair today....this teacher is exhausted!! And I need a good book to read---any suggestions??

Trick or Treat---Treat for you!! I'm offering up my Fall Kids Hide and Find for free until this SUNDAY--October 5th!!! Grab it up and leave some feedback would ya?? :)



  1. I need to do lesson plans too. But I'm thinking a nap and a good book sound a whole lot better as well! I wish I had a book recommendation for you. I need one myself! You'll have to let me know what you decide to read. Enjoy your trip!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. I need a nap too!!! I am out sick with a double ear infection! UGHHHH!!! I love the specaisl Tricak and Treat! Thanks!

  3. Hello fellow NC blogger!!! I love Morgan Freeman too! He is one of my favorite actors!