Thursday, September 17, 2015

A+ Images Blogger Shirt

During the summer, I saw where A+ Images was offering up free blogger t-shirts! Well...of course I didn't make it to Vegas, but I definitely wanted to grab a shirt to go with my blog!

I've used them before when I won a contest for a class set of Classroom Faces t-shirts! 


So of course I knew I wanted to grab up a t-shirt to wear that matches my blog but also fits in for those comfy days that I need at school! :) I ordered the shirt and the NEXT DAY it shipped!!!!
But LOL---the post office made me wait forever for it! But I worked with Doug over at A+Images and they checked it out immediately and tracked the shirt down for me! :)

They are awesome to work with and have great quality material! :) Thanks A+Images for my awesome shirt!


Make sure you follow them over on instagram @aplusimages or FB!! 


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