Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dollar Spot Finds

Target Dollar Spot Goodies

OK, we all know how awesome dollar finds can be. I was meeting some of the girls from my team yesterday at Target and wouldn't you know---they had just stocked the dollar spot with teacher stuff! :) Oh, happy day!

I wanted to show you some of the stuff I bought and my plans on using each item. 
So here are the goodies!

These are dry erase pockets--oh the possibilities, small group work, independent work, etc. Easy to use, easy to change the activity. I'm going to want more than 5 I think. :/  And of course mini dry erase markers! They had erasers too but I have plenty of those at school. 

These wipe and clean practice pads are going to be great also for those students who struggle with handwriting. 

Mini erasers to use for math manipulatives

I take pictures of my students each year and add them to stars or some other die cut. We then use the stars for star of the day, picking students to be helpers, etc. etc. I'll use the birthday cut outs to add to my birthday wall instead of writing their names on balloons this year.

You've got to love border---not sure where I'll use it yet b/c of lack of bulletin board space but I'll figure something out. The key chains will be used for hall passes possibly.

No we don't use grades in K but I love using the grade books to keep track of attendance, field trip permission forms/money, and how many paws each child earn for the day (paws is part of our school wide behavior plan--more on that later). 

Oops sorry everything is sideways---learning how to upload from my phone :)

All of these items were $1 at Target. Hope you can go and find some goodies too!


  1. Oh good gracious!! I had sworn off the school buying until August but it looks like I won't be able to make it that long :-\

  2. Yeh I know..I was thinking the same thing until I walked in that door! :)