Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guided Math

I'm so excited! I came home from the beach today and waiting for me was this....

Guided Math

I've been wanting this book for awhile...especially since my Grad School project is on Guided Math in Kindergarten. While doing some looking for this book, I ran across a Guided Math Book Study being held by Primary Inspired. 

Now that I have my own book, I'll be digging into her book study and following the other blogs who are hosting the different chapters. Click on her blog to learn more about her book study on Guided Math! 

I really think using this type of approach to teach math, especially in lower elementary grades, will build that foundation that our students need. It will allow for more differentiation, hands-on learning, and help with those Common Core standards that we are all facing. I can't wait to learn more about it and begin implementing in my classroom this year (and to be finished with Grad School! :) 


  1. You came home from the BEACH & are excited about the book being delivered?! lol Okay-- I admit, I'd be excited too!
    I agree that guided math is a perfect support for differentiating, hands-on, & all of those process standards! Good luck on you grad class! I just finished my LAST one yesterday!! Woohoo!
    Oh-- & I'm your newest follower! Welcome to the blogging world!

    Primary Inspired

  2. Thanks Brenda! I know it's kinda crazy what teachers get so excited about. My hubby just looked at me when I said My Book is IN! :) haha.. thanks for following---blogging is an adventure! :)