Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How many to 10?

We've been working on addition/subtraction to 5. The majority of my kiddos have this concept b/c I think I've done everything possible besides standing on my head to get them to understand it. One way I've been working on this is to give them 5 two-color counters. Then I'll say "show me some that are red and some that are yellow."

Once they do that, they then have to tell me in an addition sentence what they have.

 So here would be 3 red plus 2 yellow is 5 in all. Then I ask them to say it without the colors. 3 + 2 =5. 

I still have some kiddos who can't remember that they always have 5 so they tend to count, but we're working on it.

Today, some of my kiddos were working on how many to 10. I gave them a ten frame and I might would say "show me 4 red." Then how many yellow counters do you need to make 10?

Somehow I ended up taking two pictures of the same problem but you get the point I'm sure! :)  So this was show me 5 red and then how many yellow does it take to get to 10?

So 5 red plus 5 yellow equals 10. They did very well with this and of course the ten frame makes it so much more organized for them.

I created a little worksheet to use as practice. Click on the picture to grab it up.

I didn't have this today when practicing b/c I just made it but I'm going to use it tomorrow for my lower level groups. I will read the problem to them and have them complete it with the ten frame and counters. Then I will have them color the ten frame correctly on the sheet and fill in the numbers.

Here ya go!

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