Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ocean-y Beginnings & a freebie

We've started our ocean unit this week and already having a blast! We passed around seashells and was able to touch real sand from the beach. Many of my students haven't been exposed to this before so they were in awe of what I had available for them to see and feel.

We also labeled an ocean scene to help us during our writing time!


The next morning when they arrived at school, our ocean friends had shown up! I love having large animals around the room so students can see what they look like and we can add facts to them to create anchor charts. 

I also wanted my students to see what real-life ocean animals look like, before we even start talking about specific sea creatures. So I pulled up the Monterey Bay Aquarium Open Sea Cam.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

We also watched the live feeding of the fish in the Kelp Forest Cam!!
You are able to actually hear the diver talk and explain what he is doing! I think I was more excited than the kiddos!!! 

Here's a picture I took of what it looked like!!

They do other feedings too for the sea otters, the open sea cam, and much much more. If you aren't familiar with this aquarium, you should become familiar with it!! It's soo awesome. One of my favorites to use each year.

After all of this fun, we listened to Rainbow Fish and then we made our own Rainbow Fish!

This is one of my favorite themes to teach so I can't wait to show you more!!

Here's a Memorial Day freebie I made last year......click to grab it!



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  2. Seriously, you have the luckiest kiddos! I want to be in your class! xoxo