Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Snippets

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw I posted the other day about what a horrible blogger and facebooker (totally a made up word I think) that I've been. If you don't follow me, you should....because sometimes I post free stuff there and forget to do it here! :)

It's been crazy already this month with DIBELS testing, math assessments (10 assessments per kid....yeh so that's like 210 tests I have to do...they are quick...but it's a LOT). I'm sorta kinda already know it burnt out. 

And because of that burn out...I've become a consultant with Jamberry. It breaks up the same ole same ole thing and helps me be NOT so burnt out with school. Not sure what Jamberry is? Check it out by clicking on the picture of my newest Jamicure!!!

That's been keeping me busy and of course my kinders!!

Check out some zoo fun we had last week!


 We made these awesome Animal Coverings tree maps. 

We also had fun making Flip Flap books for their mom's for Mother's Day. 

I'll get this posted this week as a freebie for you to have for next year...and I'll throw in one for Dad and Grandpa too. Keep checking back!!!

We made these adorable hand print poems.

But for sticking by this post until the's the freebie I posted on Facebook the other night. It is a FOREVER freebie but I would LOVE some feedback and hear what you think!!

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