Sunday, May 1, 2016

Long time.....Currently, catch up's, and a freebie!

Yes it's been I have no excuse other is...Busy. Crazy. Fun. Stressful. Overwhelming. Joyful. Lovely....and the list goes on.

I've been busy. We all have. And honestly, having a blog is work at times. I'm so much better at FB posts or Instagram posts! :)

In all honesty.....I haven't been up to par on posting anything. If you've been following for the whole time (wow--thanks!), then you've seen bits and pieces of my posts about infertility struggles.

That darn endometriosis reared it's ugly head the past year or so and I've finally found some relief in a once a month shot....but that's about to be we shall see what happens in the next couple of months.

In the midst of that all cra-cra health drama.....we've been working hard in the classroom. If you follow me on FB or instagram (links above) then you've been seeing some of the fun!

Just a peek of some of our past weeks!!

We launched peeps across the room (I have no clue why my face looks like that!)

We visited the local air force base and learned about fire safety!

We painted our elephants!
Our elephants! (Love the trunks!)

I work with these lovely ladies and we had Kindergarten registration on Friday! My awesome friend made our shirts!

Listening---the birds outside have built a nest right by the fire place wall. They are loud when they get to moving around! :)

Loving---My husband and his friend, along with one of our pastors and a few others, always go the first Sunday of each month, to the local women's prison. They have church and praise and worship. I'm so thankful that he's a part of that and using the talent God gave him to bless others. 

Thinking---It's already May, which means a crazy amount of testing this month. Grrr......

Wanting---Some rest...the above mentioned medicine I'm on sometimes doesn't let me sleep very well the first week I get it.....

Needing---To finish the 3-4 items I have been working on for months now...sometimes creativity takes a back seat as well.

Truth---Lesson plans are great to have....but sometimes, in all honesty, you just have them. Things change daily and I can plan an amazing lesson, but then the real world steps into my classroom, and it just doesn't go the way I "planned!" 
Anyone else??? 

It's Teacher Appreciation Week----Thank you to all you amazing men and women out there who are in the classroom trenches along with me, to those of you who wake each morning, put a hard to find smile on your face, and welcome those little ones with arms open. To those that know we may be the only ones to show love to that "kid" that day/week, to those that know and understand when I say GRRRR to testing, and to those that do it anyway. 

Thank you!


  1. I feel like the closer we get to the end of the year, the easier it is for the lesson plans to not go as planned. There are so many things that just pop up as the end of the year rushes in and they all need our attention. You are definitely not alone!

    Enchanting Elementary

  2. I'm hoping you get some rest soon and a lot of it! I believe we all understand where you're coming from about lesson plans. It's good to have a plan but sometimes it just goes left!

    I hope this month or around the end of this month I can get back to finishing items myself! Thanks for the Teacher appreciation notes!

    Continue to have a great school year and HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!

  3. It is rare that I even look at my plans...some of my best lessons were made up in the spur of the moment!

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