Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ipad? Apps anyone? and a little Bloggy love!

First off----A huge thanks goes to Cindy from Granny Goes to School who gave a little shout out to me and another new blogger, Mrs. Cranfill's Class. She did this through her Triple Treat Day---click the picture to find out more!!

Thanks for the bloggy love and helping me to reach 100 followers (hopefully soon!!). 

So Monday morning I'm working with my small group when in walks our University students who are completing a research project. This is normal for them to come in but they had my the classroom's Ipad!! Yay!! For their research project, two classrooms are working with Mac-books and do webcam activities each week, but for those of us who do not do that yet, we were given Ipads to work with. So......any ideas?

I've found a few really cool FREE apps to for my students to use, but what else is out there? I know a lot of you have these already in your classroom, so what are you using?

Here is one student using Reading Eggs (if you are not familiar with this program---it's amazing!!!) I found it through someone's blog last year (can't remember who sorry!!) and presented it to my principal, so now we have a school license. My assistant uses the app for her daughter (some of their apps are free) and showed it to me. So this student is practicing copying his letters.

 And here he is getting ready to draw the letter a. (He needs practice with writing letters so this is perfect---and it tracks their progress!)

I have a few other apps that I've downloaded---all free of course! :) But many just work with letters and there are a few math activities that I have found. But pass on your ideas if you have any!! 

Here are a few more things we've been doing in our classroom this week as well! Here is our Elf on the Shelf named JJ....he was found this way this morning in the classroom. The kids thought it was hilarious...wonder what he'll be up to tomorrow morning??

Wow...the lighting is terrible. This activity is Hide the Elf. You can find it in my December Fun Pack. Each Santa has a sight word on it and the students must read the sight word to be able to find the elf. The elf this time was hidden behind the word white, but it took the students awhile to guess the word. I turn the cards over once they've read it if they did not find the elf, so they know what's been read and what hasn't. 

This is an activity from my Editable Santa Hat Build a Word. Students cut out the letters, which are scrambled, and rebuild the sight word. This has really helped my students who struggle with sight word recognition. This pack is editable for 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words so that you can make your own. If you downloaded my Pumpkin Sight Word Build, then you'll like this one. 

I'll post a few more pictures in the next couple of days with some other activities that we are doing. 


  1. So cute! I love these activities. My favorite app is probably Teach Me Kindergarten, it works on literacy and math and tracks each students progress. I also love the beginning sounds app from Lakeshore. Others on my favorites list are spelling magic 1, Cimo spelling and sight words (both free versions), Monkey Math, Monster Squeeze by Everyday Math. Those are the ones that come to mind first. If you need more details just let me know, hope that helps!

    Clearly Kindergarten

  2. I just purchased 60.00 worth of apps for my iPad (using school money...not mine LOL). I researched apps for about a month before deciding on these particular ones...I wanted to make sure other teachers had used them and actually liked them! :-) I have the list saved in a Word document. If you'd like, I could email it to you! Just let me know! :-)

    Debbie :-)
    K is for Kinderrific

    1. I would love to know what apps you use in your classroom! I just got one iPad for my classroom, and I am looking for ideas on how to use it! I would appreciate that list of yours! :)
      Ms. Cranfill's Class