Monday, December 31, 2012

Last linky for 2012

What an amazing year this has been.....began Graduate school in January (3 semesters down---2 to go...will be finished in July!!), started another school year off with a bang...and blogging....blogging has been an adventure.

I am so glad that I took the plunge and decided to create my own blog. I had been an avid blog stalker  follower for quite some time and kept telling myself that I could never do it but I did and I have and then started my own TPT store...and it's been so much fun.

I'm so thankful for all those out there who have offered help/support and just been blogger "friends". What a great way to connect to those who are passionate about their jobs as I am...and also who understand when you just have one of those days when it all seems to just be yuck.

Therefore, when I saw this linky from The Teacher's Cauldron I just had to link up. And it's fun knowing that we all have resolutions that we may or may not stick to and seeing what other's say.

So hmm...this has been pretty had for me to think of stuff b/c I want  to be able to do so many things but I can only pick one.

For my personal resolution----I say fitness (but don't we all?) but I am definitely going to try to be better at taking better care of myself and eating healthier, etc. I guess I've already started off right in following this resolution because I have my first chiropractor appointment on Wednesday and this is something I've been putting off for quite a while. 

My blogging resolution---hmm...I think I would like to be able to be more personable such as leaving comments and linking up more with others. I think sometimes we get caught up in our stuff but forget that others are out there who may have questions or ideas that we look over in our haste to put our own post up. 

Happy New Year everyone and I hope that 2013 brings you many blessings in all areas of your life!!


  1. Fitness is my resolution too. I hope we're both very successful!
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