Monday, January 21, 2013

It's another Manic Monday!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day off today (if you are off!) to celebrate Dr. MLK's birthday. I know I am...very relaxing, blog hopping, posting new stuff, and eventually lesson planning.

I'm linking up over at Classroom Freebies for their most awesome Manic Mondays! I really enjoy giving away free stuff and I always like visiting new blogs. 
I hope you head over there and check out some other blogs as well. Great way to blog hop!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Here is my little freebie. It's Valentine Poem tags that you can add to your gift to your students OR have them add it to their gift to their parents. Click on the picture to take you to Google Docs.

It also comes with no hearts on the colored copy as well as two posters displaying the same poem in B&W and colored. Hope you like it!

Now I also have another freebie that isn't a part of Manic Monday but I wanted to tell you about it anyway. It's over at my TPT store and it's for Groundhog's day. 

It includes:
a bubble map about groundhogs
tree map
Graphing header for Will the Groundhog See His Shadow? 
Yes/No cards for graph
blank cards for students to write their predictions or their names for the graph
and a sheet of writing paper for students to write about what happened when the groundhog appeared!

Click on the picture to take you to my TPT store. 


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