Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year! May this year bring many blessings to you and your family. I know that I am so thankful to begin fresh again. That's the great thing about New Year's Day....knowing that you can start over, build new friendships, restore old ones, throw out the old stuff and bring in new and exciting adventures. It's a new day, a new year, and a great time to begin again.

I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her January Currently. I love doing these because it's a great way to blog hop!!

Listening---I have the music blaring from the TV, the dryer going, and the dishwasher just finished. Getting some last minute chores and stuff in before I tackle lesson planning.

Loving--Just being able to be in my PJ's all day if I wanted to the past week...but that all changes tomorrow.

Thinking---that I need to start planning because we go back to school tomorrow...oh I would love to have the rest of the week off....

Wanting---nothing in (that's supposed to say in not I--oops) particular..I'm blessed beyond measure...and so thankful for those many blessings

Needing---to do the thinking part...those lesson plans

OLW---sticking with my word from last month--Faith...it means a lot

I hope you guys have a wonderful New Year's Day. I'm working on some stuff that I hope to have posted by the end of the week (depends on how this planning goes!)


  1. Good Luck getting your planning done! And I hope that you have a beautiful and blessed January and 2013!

  2. I love your blog! It is adorable! I hope you have a great 2013! I am your newest follower!
    Second Grade is Out of This World

  3. I'm glad to know know I'm not the only one who goes back tomorrow. But, we go back tomorrow and the kids go back Thursday. I think that's silly. Oh well. Good luck getting ready!
    Lessons Learned

  4. I am loving being in my PJ's too... sorry you have to go back this week. For some reason we are off until the 7th! Super excited!! I totally understand your thinking and needing.. I need to plan so that I can be ready for to make some changes when I go back. So hard to be motivated when in vacation mode!
    Kickin' It With Class

  5. Good luck planning! We go back tomorrow as well, I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) Hope you have a wonderful New Year Nicki,

    Fun in PreK-1

  6. I have been following your blog since past so many days.. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us..
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