Monday, December 2, 2013

Currently & A Special Delivery

December sort of snuck (why does spell check want to fix this word?) up on me yesterday! Did a blog post and totally forgot about Currently. How did that happen??

Here it goes!

Listening----We are watching The Santa Clause (you know the one with Tim Allen) Such a cute movie.

Loving---This time of year. Pretty self explanatory. I love the reason for the season, the lights, the sounds, the sugar cookies and all other kinds of's just fun! :)

Thinking--Whew I have a lot to do. We still haven't decorated. It's kind of hard to get the stuff out of the attic (and I can not do it by myself) and the hubby has messed up his back. So who knows if we will even get a tree up. Bummer. But I still have tons of other stuff I need to get done. It's the most busiest time of the year! :) 

Wanting--We have some stuff going on that I wish would hurry up and get figured out. Waiting is sort of stressful....

Needing--We usually have our kids make the applesauce and cinnamon ornaments for their parents. But this year..I kind of want to do something else (without necessarily spending any money...ugh) but wondering what else to do?! Any good suggestions??

Favorite Traditions---This one was hard. But I love watching all of the holiday movies that are on. I also love going to visit all of my family and being able to see everyone. It's hectic  but it's fun!

Today we had a special delivery show up straight from the North Pole. (I have no idea how our friend came up with the address for Santa.....)

I enlisted one of our librarians to help out. She brought in the package and it was freezing cold! (I had no idea my IA was taking these lovely pics of me...LOL what a face. I decided not to even post the other one! LOL)

They wanted to be able to feel how cold it was. I have never seen my kiddos so excited. It was all I could do not to crack up laughing.

And of course they were able to all help open the present. One of them said, "I like Santa. He is so nice." 

Then of course we read the story. 

And they all were able to pick names. Lister? Have no idea where that came from. 
 Once votes were cast....Charlie it is. So our friend Charlie will be up to some stuff I'm quite sure. Can't wait to share it all with you!

And don't forget my little giveaway for my Gingerbread Pack.

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And another little freebie for you for the holidays. Leave some love if you grab it!


  1. I'm loving this time of year too!!!! :) I've been scouring Pinterest for gifts the kids can make! Hopefully I'll find something easy and cheap! :) Happy Holidays!

    Soaring Through Second

  2. Hi Nikki - how fun that we had the same idea...great minds think alike right?! I'm your newest follower. :o) And I need to think about what the kids will make for their parents too..ugh!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. My favorite activity is our Polar Express party - complete with hot chocolate!

  4. I love reading all the Christmas books and seeing how excited the kids get over the books.

  5. I loved your kids' reaction to the package. How precious! Their names are so funny- too. I hope Lister is very happy in his new home... ;) I love our Polar Express day, too, with pjs and cocoa. We usually buddy up with my friend across the hall which for some reason makes it even more special. I also love all of our songs and stories for Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful freebie!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together