Saturday, January 11, 2014

Five for Saturday

Mid-year math assessments began this week and with two TWO-hour delays due to the bitter cold (which we are NOT comfortable with here in good 'ole NC) it's made for a busy week. I finished all of the math and the DIBELS window opens up next week. With next week being a three day workweek (two are workdays) and the next week a four day's crunch time!

But we've had some fun in between assessments. 


Sticker stories!!! This was the first time we created sticker stories this year. The kiddos LOVED them. 

The pencil drawing on the right side of the picture is the satellite that the astronauts work on in space!!!
(He looked at me like..."don't you know this??")


Snowflake Bingo with marshmallows!


 Word family sort. 


With the frigid temps, we thought it would be fun to freeze water outside and then see how fast it takes to melt the cubes. Well....the water didn't freeze outside. (And it was no higher than 20 on Tuesday and Wednesday). So when all else fails stick the trays in the cafeteria freezer!!

We started out Penguin Unit this week and had fun trying to walk like penguins with "eggs" on our feet. 

We also loved watching the Penguin Cam at Sea World (you can change the camera angle too!!) and Monterey Bay Aquarium (twice a day you can watch the penguins get fed).
I also found one at the Columbus Zoo

I am also thisclose to having 300 likes on Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten FB page.
I would love to some flash freebies this weekend if I can get some more likes. I offer up quite a few on FB and I don't announce it here on the blog. So head on over to FB and like my page to stay up to date and possibly catch some freebies!!!

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  1. The AIMS window opened for us this last week too. I want to get all of that done so I can finally meet with my small groups again. And, I need that info for parent conferences. Love the penguin walking. Looks fun!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade