Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow/Ice--Over it! Huge Sale Today ONLY & Arctic animals

I have seriously been a horrible blogger lately. Sorry about that friends! As we all know, the weather has been crazy, insane, and up and down everywhere the past couple of weeks. So because of that, it's been crazy busy here! :)

*All hands raised if you feel crazy too!!** LOL

In between two-hour delays due to freezing temps to getting out two hours early and it's 60 degrees (b/c it might snow that night) to now sitting here snowed/iced in since Tuesday-----this gal is OVER IT!  and thank goodness that my DIBELS testing was finished last week. A lot of friends of mine haven't finished their testing because of all of the craziness.

I haven't taken a lot of pictures b/c well...we haven't been at school long enough to take anything new! :)

I have/had all of those awesome plans to do this week with Arctic animals but oh I'll share some awesome videos and websites with you that maybe YOU can use in your classroom if you are working on Arctic/Polar animals as well!

San Diego Zoo is almost always my go to when I'm teaching about various animals in the classroom. These photos are from San Diego Zoo. Link is below.
                                               Arctic Fox


Also, the Creature Features section over at National Geographic for Kids is amazing!

Here's the link for Walruses.

Here's the link for Harp Seals. 

Here are a few videos I saved to my school playlist to use as well! (We are able to FINALLY access YouTube at school and it's great for stuff like that!)

This has to be my favorite!!!

Oh and TODAY ONLY!!!!!

                                                                   GO HERE

And if you are a fan of my FB page and you like and share my status that shows this sale, you can be entered to win my NEW pack that I'll have finished and up tonight!!

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