Sunday, January 19, 2014

Martin Luther King freebie

For those of you that will teach about MLK, Jr. on Tuesday (if you are off tomorrow) and need a quick activity, I created one today that is easy--just print and go.

Of course, while we are learning about MLK, Jr., we talk a lot about what his dream was. I talk to the kiddos I work with and explain that I wouldn't be able to be their teacher wayyy back when or even now if things had not changed because of leaders like MLK, Jr. (They are shocked about this...)

So we begin to discuss what his dream was and how things have changed and what else could change. I always ask the kiddos what their dreams might be because even in kindergarten they have one!

I thought about how some of my kiddos who struggle with writing could show their dream and of course that's to draw a picture. I created this little freebie for you that will allow for each student to depict their thoughts and dreams in writing or drawing. 

Click on the picture above to grab it up for free!

And don't forget that tomorrow is the LAST day for the Snowball Fight Facebook Hop!!! If you haven't logged onto FB this weekend you need to because there are TONS of freebies for free from some amazing bloggers!!

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  1. I found you through Manic Monday's linky. Your freebie is very timely! :)

  2. Thank you for the freebie!
    My students were really shocked too, first that I wasn't as old as MLK, Jr. and that I wouldn't have been able to be their teacher either. I love how the discussion really got my firsties thinking :)
    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Nikki,
    I am a North Carolina blogger too! I found you through Classroom Freebies. I have been blogging for about a 1.5 now. I am on my second blog having changed my name! I would love to partner up sometime if you are interested. Thanks for the freebie!

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    1. Great to see another NC blogger as well!! :)