Friday, April 18, 2014

Five For Friday!!

Yay! I made it on a Friday. And not only's now MY Spring Break! I've been so jealous of all of you who have already had your break...ours is so late this year. But now it's here and I'm in need of a nap. A full moon + last week before break....cray-cray children! :)

The week before spring break for teachers..... Two words: CROWD CONTROL. 

Now it's Five For Friday time!  


We worked in "eggy" stations this week! 

Crack open a egg and clap out the number of syllables of each picture. Sort in the basket.

 Easter Egg Math.

Making words


Every year we dye Easter eggs. 


We played a math review game on the Mimio. The students are split into two teams. They click on a bunny and a question comes up. If they get it right, they can put their team picture on that bunny. The team with the most wins. 

Grab it over at Mimio Connect

We had an Easter Hat Parade at school today!

We had an egg hunt too....but pics are gone! :(


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