Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's a Sunday Catch-Up!

I'm such a terrible blogger. I really don't have a lot to blog about considering I only worked two days last week. I have had a few doc appointments to try and get some things figured out. (Here's to hoping insurance pays it all! :/  LOL) 

All is well just been a rough past couple of weeks. So in saying that, I don't have a lot to share. 

I have been creating like crazy....b/c well...what else is there to do when sitting in the doctor's office for hours on end three days a week! Take a laptop and get to work! :) I'll share some new stuff at the bottom of the post.

Here's a few things that we did do last week when I was there.

Addition problems using these awesome glittery eggs and plastic flowers I found at the Dollar Tree. 

Middle sounds practice in small groups. This is my Monkeying Around With Middle Sounds sheet from my Middle Sounds Mayhem pack.

And here are a few new things that I worked on last week. If you aren't a follower of my Facebook page---you should become one. I offered up one of these activities as a flash freebie last week. You never know when I might do this!

I think this has to be my most favorite ever!!! Use a fly swatter ruler to measure various bugs and other items. Recording sheet is included. I LOVE my followers. Check out this awesome feedback I received when I offered this up as a flash freebie! And they were all so fun to read! Click on the picture to check it out!

And of's that time of the year for life cycle fun! :) 

 Click on the covers to check them out!

They are flip books. You create the cover and there are two versions for the life cycle (one with words and one with numbers for those littles who need to match numbers). There is also two pages to write about the life cycle---each page has a different type of writing line to use.

Each page is part of the flip book. Once the pages are created, you put the pages together and you are done!

Please excuse how bad the gluing looks. I had NO glue stick! LOL I was pouring glue out of a bottle to get my pictures on. Grrrr....


I will be back at work next week ALL week and then FINALLY spring break! :) More pictures to come next week with all of the fun we will be having!


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