Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Middle Sound Fun

I stated in the post Middle Sounds Mayhem about how middle sounds can be really trick and hard to hear. We do lots of activities for beginning and ending sounds but sometimes middle sounds get left out. We teach them, but maybe not as intense as we do the other. 

Because it's a new month, I put out new stations this week with the emphasis on middle sounds. I was sooo EXCITED that my kiddos did so well with these stations. We always practice them in small groups first and then put them out for independent practice.

Here are some pictures of those kiddos at work! 

 Covering the middle sound that is the same as the picture at the top.

 Monkey in the Middle--sort the banana cards to the correct middle sound on the monkey. Ok--Disclaimer--I DID NOT make those two monkeys look 3D on purpose. For some reason, our printer prints every third page like that!!!! And I wasn't going to waste any more ink. The kiddos don't seem to mind. It really is NOT supposed to print like that! :)

 My kiddos favorite new activity--QR codes. Here he is scanning the card and writing the middle sound of the picture on the dry erase sheet.
 This is the first time they were able to do this independently. I was so proud of this guy. He has struggled before and it was sooo easy for him today! :) YAY!!

 What's Missing?--Students had to use magnet letters or dry erase marker to fill in the letter that was missing. There is also a recording sheet you can see in the top left.

These are just a few middle sound stations I have out. I was so proud of my kiddos today!!

You can find all of these activities in my Middle Sound Mayhem pack. 

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Why not give one away??


  1. How did you know this is what I need? LOL, really my kids are having some difficulty with the middle sounds so this would be perfect!

  2. This is what we are focusing on now and Mayhem may about sum it up! Love your pack! I hope I'm lucky enough to win it. It's great!