Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Week's End Recap & a Giveaway

Another week down, another one bites the dust....and thank goodness. I think this has had to have been one of the craziest, worst, best, and weird weeks ever. Have you ever had one of those? 

No words for it. I was just so glad when Friday showed up....Friday the 13th. Friday, the day before Valentine's Day. Friday, a day full of wild kiddos who were so excited. 

It was Friday. But oh was I still so glad to see it.

Here's a recap of last week.....and a giveaway at the end! :)

I have a student who is reading a level F and she's my highest child in the classroom, as far as reading levels go. So I try to challenge her and give her extra activities that the others aren't able to complete. I also work with the AIG teacher in collaboration to give my kiddo some extra practice.

One activity she was working on was using a book called What is a Reptile? Then after reading, she had to sort various words into categories to go along with the book. She loved it and it was great giving her extra descriptive words to use during her writing time.

My other students were doing some Nonsense/Real word sort. I found this Valentine edition and they practiced it during small groups after playing a Nonsense Word Bingo.

About a month ago, our principal told us that she had extra money for each teacher to spend on items in their classroom. Um. Hello! Thanks! Love this. Christmas in January! Let's do it, right!!???

Well, after changing my shopping cart for the millionth time, I finally had my choices narrowed down to the price range I was allotted. Does anyone else find that difficult? Especially when shopping at Lakeshore!???

Here are some things I was able to get!! (This is just what I picked out---my personal views only---Lakeshore doesn't probably even know I exist!) :)

I picked out the Sight Words Activity Chest. It comes with 4 different ways to practice sight words---find, build, write, and match!

 This is the Build section. Words are printed front and back
of card---students use the letters provided to build the word. 

This is the match section. Again, words are front and back.
Students just match the words on the car.

And this one is find. Students cover the words in either red or blue
based on what the fish is showing (you can see the red fish is showing 
the word his so this student would cover that particular word in red).

I didn't get a picture of the write section, but students just practice tracing and writing the words on the cards.

Another activity I was able to get is Sight Word Fishing

Here she had just "fished" for a word, and she was
practicing reading the word. The other student had the pole. 

I did get a couple of other things but didn't get pictures of them yet. But here's what I did get:

I'll get some pictures of those this week in use and show you! I love the Giant Ten frames though because we've been tracking each day of the month and using it to teach how many ways to make 10?

Now on to the giveaway!!! 

The First Grade Scoop has reached a milestone and we're celebrating!!!

Click on the picture to hop over and enter!

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