Thursday, February 26, 2015

Did you know???? Teachers ARE Heroes!!!

In case you've been snowed in (we are on day number something...I lost count) but no snow today...just icky....then you would know that there is a HUGE sale happening over at TPT right now!!!

Teachers are Heroes! I have had some amazing teachers in my life (and some not so amazing..ahem) and I vow to be that amazing teacher for my students as well. Some days work better than others! ;)

But everything in my store is 20% off plus the extra 10% that TPT throws in!

Here are some new things that I added recently:

Poppin' Up Word Families


This pack includes:
  • A sorting activity
  • Recording sheets
  • Roll & Read
  • Roll & Write
  • Roll & Trace
  • Activity sheets for various word families
  • and other fun stuff!!

I added a Morning Work pack also (sometimes I have a hard time finding just a basic pack for the beginning of the year----as well as for my ESL students who are still struggling) so that's how I came up with this!!!

These are both on sale at my TPT store today!!!! 

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