Friday, August 3, 2012

Crate seats, pen pals, and new finds

So I finally finished my crate seats a couple of days ago. I only have 4 right now, but I'm going to make 2 more next week. Very little cost b/c I already had the crates and my dad had the wood laying around. I bought 4 pieces of fabric at $.97 each and it was $7 total for all 4 pieces of foam. 

Excuse my dog in the corner of one of the pics. He couldn't figure out what was going on. The grey fabric has small polka dots and the green fabric has little bright flowers. I can't wait to use these for more storage and seating! :)

Ok--new stuff. It's tax free weekend here in NC so a few of us decided to hit up a school supply store about an hour from where we live. It's huge..and overwhelming awesome! :) I could probably spend all day in there but it was only about an hour and half.

I went with finding a number line and a pocket chart for a calendar in mind. I found both and a few other items.

I forgot to take a picture of the pocket chart but oh well. I wanted a calendar pocket chart to hang instead of always trying to use bulletin board space or any other little wall space I have. I think it'll be easier this way. 

I found the big number line to display and then ran across a set of 30 individual number lines which I thought would be great for small group practice or even whole group and the students can have their own number line.

I HEART owls so I bought owl name plates, a notepad (will use this for a bulletin board) and an owl pointer. :)   The blue border will be used for the bulletin board. (It will go outside my room---hopefully I can get into school soon to take pictures.)

The little cube with the orange square is a foam dice that has pattern block shapes on it. I will use that in some of my math center activities. 

Sorry this is such a long post but I'm trying to get everything in that I can think of.

 I just saw on The Teacher Idea Factory about a great Pen Pal exchange that she is hosting. I signed up because I think that it's an awesome way for students to share and learn from other kids their age that are not necessarily always in their own school. 

You do not have to have your own blog to participate. It is open to all teachers so head on over to Kelley's blog and sign up!

I think that's it for today...thanks for reading all the way down! :)   Headed to the beach this weekend----gotta enjoy every last free moment!

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