Friday, March 29, 2013

Five For Friday + Giveaways

This is my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five For Friday link up.


1. My kiddos were able to hold and touch bugs this week. Millipedes, cockroaches, worms, rolly poly's, and tobacco worms. Ew...most of them, I don't mind...the hissing cockroaches from Madagascar...that's another story. 

                    the only one I earthworm...I'm a wimp.

2. SPRING BREAK IS HERE. Today was my first day.....enough said! :) Unfortunately I'm battling bronchitis but still I'm off...and I slept...a lot...yay! :)
 Teachers count down the   days until spring break too :)

3. Sadness this week---one of my student's lost her mom unexpectedly on Tuesday. It's been tough dealing with that. Some of us went to the visitation tonight and it was hard. I haven't seen my student yet, and not sure if or when she'll come back, but I hope to see her after break. Prayers are with her family.

4. These scarves are keeping me busy. My friend and I have our first table at a Spring Bazaar in May. (The picture is terrible but it's the only one I had.)

5. Giveaways!!!! Make sure you enter!! I'm lucky to be able to be involved.

For tomorrow only my Alphabet Cards and Line-up will be 40% off at my TN shop. Check them out here

I hate the lighting in my room but here are the alphabet cards on my wall.

Sorry for that horrible picture! 



  1. A student's mom made me a pink scarf like the ones you have. It's my "go to" scarf!...I'm so sorry to hear about that little girl. I'm glad she has someone sweet like you to help her get thru it! I will be praying for her!

    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  2. I can't even imagine how to help a student with a loss like that. She is lucky to have you as a teacher since I can tell how much you care about your students! Hugs!

    Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten