Thursday, March 7, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Link Up

I'm linking up with Sharing Kindergarten and her St. Patrick's Day product linky party.

Make sure you check out the party and grab up all the stuff you can to celebrate this day of green!! 

I really enjoy St. Patrick's Day. In our classroom, my little leprechaun friend named "Pat" likes to cause quite a bit of mischief leading up to the big day. I talk about leprechauns and we read books and then I begin discussing "Pat". I talk about how he likes to run around and hide in the school, finding classrooms and chair pockets that are not neat and make it even more messy!

The kiddos then begin to "spot" him all over the school as we are traveling to different areas. It causes quite a stir but seems to help with behavior. "Pat" only visits classrooms and leaves treats (sometimes) for those little ones who are on their best. 

In the past, he has made quite a mess in the room but did leave us some "magic" pudding that began white but turned green as milk was poured in. I haven't introduced "Pat" yet to the kiddos this year but I plan on doing this next week. We shall see what he has in store for this class! :)

So here is my contribution to the linky party--my Shamrock Number Practice.

Click on the picture to grab it up from my Teacher Notebook store (it's on TPT too). It's a FREEBIE!! :) Enjoy!  

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