Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Facebook Fan Freebie

***UPDATE**** Had this posted. Took it down. Had it posted. Took it down. Woobox about destroyed me on facebook. I hope it's working now. I had it linked up to the freebie but then it seemed to be open to ALL people (even those who have not liked my page). But Marlana over at Lil' Country Librarian helped me out!! She is awesome! :)

Original Post: 
I've been reading and looking at tutorials this afternoon on adding the tabs up at the top of my Facebook page. Oh's kind of confusing.

Ashley at The School Supply Addict has a great tutorial. 
Video Tutorials: How to install and setup a Facebook Fangate tab 

But it's still very confusing. So I'm trying.

This is my first freebie over at my Fans Only tab. So if it doesn't work. Just let me know and I'll figure something out! :)

If you haven't liked my FB page---make sure you LIKE it first!

Here's what the freebie looks like! A set of Where Are We cards in Zebra Print.


Hope this works!!! :)


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  1. :) for you. I recently went through the same thing before Ashley's tutorial. I did my first one picture style. Then I saw her great tutorial and tried to do one html with multiple freebies but not all the links worked from googledocs so I made 2 buttons. My brain wanted to run on R&D not Marketing but I got it done. Thanks for adding a fan freebie. I liked you.