Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm back...with a {few} pictures...

I never seem to remember to link up with Sunday Smorgasbord (I hope I spelled that right...never can seem to quite get it). So I figured I would just share all sorts of randomness today instead.

As some of you know (from all of the guest bloggers last week) that I was gone. Every summer a team from my church heads to Lynch, Kentucky to do mission work. My hubs and I went the first time in 2011 and have gone each summer since (hubs missed last year due to work but he was determined not to miss this year) and a small group of us went in the fall one year as well.

It's amazing. I give all the glory to God for such an amazing trip each time and allowing us to be blessed while we are there. Yes, we bless others, but mostly we are the ones who leave changed.

Here are some pics of what we did.....I can't tell ya everything b/c this post would never end....but maybe the pics will show enough.

Oh did I mention---I saw 9 bears!! Real, live black bears....and cubs! Amazing!

 Me and the hubs the first night there.

 The crew my hubs was on...they put on a new roof on the old coal miner bath house.
 After church Wednesday night.

 Shekinah Village---this is where we had our Youth Camp for the week and saw all of the bears. Gorgeous isn't it?


Mama bear

 Mama bear and 1 cub. She had 3 more but they were still in the dumpster!

I caught a fish the last day there!

 The other cubs!

There were so many more jobs that were completed: new roof on the bath house (this is where the coal miner's would go once they came out of the mines to take baths before heading home!), chimney's tore down/hole fixed in roof, new flooring/sub flooring in a house. New bathroom and water put in for a home that has a child with a heart/lung condition who is on oxygen. He is a doll....his grandparents brought him over to meet everyone one night!

Food was distributed to those in need during their monthly distribution and our kids from youth camp were able to mingle and just talk to those in need.

All in all...great time! 

I hope you all enjoyed the guest posts that were up during the week. If not, be sure to go back and check them out! All of the ladies had some wonderful ideas. 


  1. What a blessing that trip was! It looks like you and your husband had a great time. Thanks for sharing your pictures and story!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Yes we had a blast! It's like home it! :)

  2. It looks like you had a memorable and rewarding trip! Shekinah Village is beautiful!

    Read With Me ABC