Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It! (My first!)

Time to link up with Monday Made It. I've never linked up....make stuff quite a bit (ahem when I'm not loungin') but I thought I'd link up this time.

Nothing special. I had been wanting to make the cookie sheet magnet boards. My friend and I (Hi Judy---if you are reading this) want to make the ones out of the bigger cookie sheets, but I thought I'd try with a pizza pan first---only a whopping $.92 at Wal-Mart (going to give one away to a friend). (Make sure to check to see if they are magnetic!!!)

So here goes nothing.

So I bought two pizza pans and some cute scrapbook paper. And then let it sit there for a couple of days before I decided to actually make it. LOL.

Then I had to figure out how I wanted the paper to lay. Did I want more orange on top or the grey....decisions.

Too much orange here

 And too much grey here!

So I went with this!!!

Now modge podge time...sometimes this stuff can be kind of works really well but can be kind of messy (or is that just me?---thoughts to ponder). 
So time to modge podge. I used a sponge paint brush. And it broke. But nevertheless...I had more! Slather on some modge podge.

 Bam. It's slathered!

So in this pic...the papers are stuck on the pan but I have not modge podged the top layer yet. Make sure to go over it again once you have it where you want it. See below.

 Yes it's all wrinkly. Grr. But!!!! Wait!! The wrinkles are GONE today! Woohoo. I did smooth it out quite a bit as I was placing the paper down with a plastic card. But the orange still wrinkled pretty bad. 

I added a strip of paper in the middle to hide the layers. It makes it look a lot cute to if I must say so!
Oh and you can see the holes in the top of the pizza pan. We ( the hubs wasn't home) drilled a couple just so it'll be easier to hang the ribbon. Totally a preference thing. I'm sure that hot glue will work just fine.

I don't necessarily like the ribbon I have...but it's all I had at the moment. I will take that out probably and add something else. I also want to get some ribbon or something to put around the edges inside the pan. To hide any imperfections that I may have from my awesome cutting skills.

Here is the other one I made. Love this one!! I don't have ribbon for this one yet. I forgot to swing by the store yesterday. When I get the ribbon on I'll take another picture because I know you all will be anxiously waiting for it! :)

Oh and to prove that the wrinkles are gone---here's a pic from this morning! Pretty. I tied the ribbon differently in this too.

 I thought I would have a freebie for you....yeh nope don't sorry. But thanks for stopping by! LOL Monday has snuck up on me! :)

Maybe for Tuesday I'll have Two for Tuesday or something! :)



  1. They turned out very cute! I love mod podge!!

    The Resource(ful) Room

  2. I love how cheap you can make these for! Thanks for sharing

    Sixth Grade Tales

  3. That is cute! I need to make one for lunch choices. It would be much cuter than my usual chart!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers