Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Madness--data, freebie, & giveaways!

It was a Monday. Insanely busy, kiddos nutso (is this a real word?), parent conferences, write-ups, and wondering did I actually teach anything today? And I thought that the full moon was over?

Not your typical Monday around here but here's to tomorrow being a little smoother.

About a week or so ago I posted a question on my FB page about how you share/show data in your classroom. Well I received a few responses but still concerned/confused, whatever, over how to show it.

We are required to show data on a bulletin board or some type of display for our student's growth. I'm skeptical about showing kids names, so we can use the number system, but some of my kids can't even recognize names, so I know numbers will be a loss. Not only that, some of my kiddos will pick up quick on who is who. 

So I thought of "I Can" charts--ya know..."I Can" tie my shoes, "I Can" count to 100, etc. etc. But it still has be in a graph form and has to be 1 reading skill and 1 math skill for each 9 weeks.

The problem is---I'm such a visual person that this is blowing my mind. And I have no idea why?!? I get the graph, I get how to display and I pretty much get which standards that I could show...for example...this 9 weeks I could graph how many students can read color words and how many kids can count to 25.

But how do I graph it---withOUT using students' names??

Any suggestions on what you do?? Help please!

And to my EC teachers out there---how would you display? My EC resource friend is overwhelmed on how to display her data b/c each student has an IEP that--of course---is completely different from the next.

On to something totally different before my head explodes---Whimsy Workshop is having the most A-MAZE-ING giveaway!!!!!!! Click on the pic to enter!! I not so secretly hope I win! :)

 And because I can--here's a little freebie for ya!

We've been working on labeling activities in the classroom. So what better way to practice than with some animals from the Farm!!! Click on the picture to take you to Google Docs!!

Graphics & Fonts from Mrs. Leeby and mycutegraphics

Leave a little love if you grab it! :) 

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  1. I still need to do labeling- I'll use this! xoxo
    Good luck with the data. Puke.

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. I'll try to explain what I did one year. I chose major skills (letter sounds, sight words, number ID, etc) for the number weeks. I made a "table" with just one column and row for each student (23 students=23 rows). Each time a student mastered the goal, we colored a bar on the graph. There were no names or numbers attached, just a box colored each time someone mastered the skill on the graph. My students were happy to celebrate with their friends, and while I'm sure they knew who didn't meet many goals, no one ever said anything because there were different people meeting different goals on an almost daily basis. Does this make any sense?

    A Very Curious Class

    1. Yes in a way it does. Our principal wants each student to have a number or symbol or something assigned to them so they will know that they are, let's say, number 1 or a heart or whatever. So they can look up there and see ok I'm number 1 so I'm here on the graph...I need to do this to move up or whatever. It's becoming a little annoying....