Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Back-Up

And the week rolls around again without blogging! Just when I think I'm finally finding a groove...bam...exhaustion sets in and I fall out when I get home! LOL

I'm hoping that by October I'll have a "school" routine in place---not for the kiddos---but for me. Ya know, the whole going to bed at a decent time, waking up refreshed, ready, remembering that walking on a hard floor all day KILLS my legs by Thursday....all that sort of stuff.

I did remember to take a "few" pictures this week. So far my kiddos are adjusting little friend (a Kindergarten repeater) has had a difficult time this week (hitting adults and such) but other than's getting there. Once I break about two more in with the routines and procedures I think we will be set. Hopefully they will all be used to everything by the time our first field trip rolls around.

Yep I said it. Field trip. The sometimes dreaded days where we take over 120 some kiddos OFF campus. I get nervous right before the trip, but once we get on the road to wherever we are going, it all ends up being ok.

Every year our county assigns a particular day for K students to go to the county fair. So our day is Friday, Oct. 4th. Glad it's a Friday! :)

And in preparing for that, I've been updating my Farm Fun with Literacy & Math pack this week. It has gone from 64 pages to 114 pages. Whew what a task.

I added addition puzzles, picture puzzles, ten frame practice, alphabet and number practice with recording sheets, etc. etc.

Here's your chance to grab it up! Two easy ways to win!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rant time----why did Google take away the Add Text feature to photos???? Grr...I use Picasa, but I 95% of the time used Google to add text to my photos b/c I take my pictures on the school ipad with Google+.....geez....aggravating!!

Here are a few pictures from the week.

 Practiced small groups in math today. My group worked on Zero. You can find this sheet from

 I love dry erase sleeves. I had some students practice working on forming numbers with our Grandparent volunteer. 

We practiced the letter M on the Mimio. I used the letter M sheet from Irene's Alphabet Pack.
You can find it here.
Learning With Mrs. Leeby
Then this week while browsing, I saw this really cute and simple idea from

Click on her button to see her post about this simple game. The things that make us go DUH!

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