Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Mash-Up of Randomness with Pictures!

Time to play catch up on the lack of blogging-----all the while listening to Pitch Perfect on TV (I LOVE this movie!!). Here's a mash up of pictures and activities that we've been doing this past week.

Our predictable chart practice. 

Searching for M's and S's in magazines and newspapers.

Taste testing apples! We will make applesauce this week for Johnny Appleseed's birthday! We also red The Little Red House before I cut open the apple! The kids were entranced with this story (of course I'm a little dramatic when reading so they were so excited to find the "star" inside!)
If you aren't familiar with this story---here's a great link to it! The Apple Story

Using the Mimio to match upper case and lower case letters on the apple tree.

 Then we played Apple Hide and Find. They love trying to figure out where Johnny Appleseed is hidden. I've only used the color words and a few numbers in order for all students to feel as if they are successful. I'll add more numbers later on to make it harder.

It's only $1.00 right now in my TN shop!!! All items are 50% off!! 

We started working on the farm this week as well. We have a trip to the local fair next week so I'm wanting to make sure animals and farm activities have been introduced before then. Today we did a Farm/Circus animal Venn Diagram. This was great for discussion to have students explain why they thought certain animals belonged in both areas. For example: snake---one student said, "well snakes are found in the grass and they crawl into the tent!" EEK....yes they can....!

If you didn't grab my Cow Labeling Freebie from yesterday's post---grab it here.




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  2. Cute cute! I have allergies this year so no apple tasting for us...boo!!
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten