Friday, October 18, 2013

Five For Friday

It's been a long time since I linked up to Doodle Bugs Teaching--Five for Friday posts. I'm all kinds of excited (ok, I'm all kinds of tired) that I took pictures this week! :)  There may even be a freebie located somewhere in this post. 

Make sure you head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for another round of Five for Friday.

Started this week off at the beach with the hubs.....

Had my first formal observation of the year this week---she observed my small group reading time. We were reading the book A House and practicing the word here (no I did not take a picture during my observation---I did after! ;) 

We also sang the Parts of a Story song by Heidi Songs. Love this song!! It helped us work on character and setting. 

We played a sight word game in my small group this week. I used my word wall words and students were given rings that were spiders, skulls, and bats. Each one was a different color. If I called out a word and they could read it, they used their ring to cover that word up.
Just a quick little informal assessment and they had fun!

We played Spin & Cover Ghost---this one was letters a-p. Students spin the spinner and used mini erasers to cover up the letter that they landed on.
Grab it here. It's a freebie! (Leave some love if you do!)


We also played this game---students had to toss the bat and land on a number. They read the number they landed on (the bats look kind of creepy on the floor don't they!??)


The littles have been working on the sight word see and color words. So this is one activity they have been practicing from my Spiders--Math and Literacy Unit. 

Happy Friday!!


  1. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for the cute freebie. I have a Halloween poem on my post that I'd love to give back to you! I have to learn how to make it a freebie!

    1. Thanks Sandy!! I stopped by your blog as well! If you need help with making something a freebie let me know, I'll be glad to walk to you through it! :)

  2. What a fun week you all had (both you and your students). Thanks for the freebie and for sharing your engaging center ideas.
    Granny Goes to School