Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bat-filled Saturday....Beach Style & A Surprise Sale!!!

Yes, the title said it correctly...I'm at the beach. The hubs has a new job (thanks to the good Lord!) and is actually off now on the weekends. Our friend lives down at the beach so we came down today to enjoy a gorgeous weekend (haven't seen the sun in like 5 days---until today!!!)

So here's my view as I write this post....Pretty isn't it?


I haven't blogged in I thought I'd catch you up a little on what we've been doing this week. I didn't take as many pics as I wanted, I never do, I'll get better at it---eventually.

My favorite time of year....October---bats, spiders, and pumpkins, OH MY!! This week was all about bats....

Of course we began by reading books about bats...Here are a few of my favorites...

I have another non-fiction bat book but can't locate a picture of it but I bought it at a Scholastic Book Fair a few years ago. Great pictures...I'll try to remember to take a picture of the book when I get back to school. 

We completed a Venn Diagram about bats and birds after reading Stellaluna (who doesn't love this book???) 

You can find the source here.

Then of course a tree map. (Disclaimer---I am NOT an artist! LOL)

And we watched Stellulana being read by Pamela Reed on Schooltube.

Then we watched a few videos about the Flying Fox Bat (he is awesome--hehe I love bats) on YouTube. (***Be careful---one youtube video said the bat was going to go ape s***) I cut it off before he finished talking so the kiddos didn't hear it but seriously.....craziness.

Here is a video about the Flying Fox that we watched.


And it was a little chilly this week---so I pulled out the Halloween socks. 
Not sure why my feet look swollen. LOL

Here's a cute Spider and Bats Freebie from Kindergarten Lifestyle that we will be using this week as well.
 Click on the picture to grab it up.

We Learn About....Bats & Spiders Freebie 

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I'm jumping in and offering another 20% off of my items----so math much is that?? 30% off!!! 

Happy shopping!!! 


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