Sunday, March 30, 2014

Middle Sounds Mayhem

We've been working on sounds for months now. And I mean sounds in words---beginning, middle and ending sounds. We've been working on making words, word family activities and other CVC word practice.

Middle sounds are well....sometimes not fun. Kiddos get those i's and e's all mixed up and it can be a little confusing.

We have a lot of fun with making words though and "tapping" out those sounds in CVC words.

One activity we do is make words with huge letter cards. I give each student a letter necklace and they build the word based on what I say. For example: if you have the letters to make -at go to the front. Change -at to mat, change mat to rat, etc.

We have a blast doing this. It gets them up and moving and is so much more interactive than the regular pocket chart making words that we do weekly. 

We have also been working on just hearing the middle sounds in words. Practicing those i's and e's and u's and o's......they have the /a/ sound down pat! :)

 We worked on a flip flap book to practice those pesky middle sounds. I created this little guy to help my students in my small groups. I really focused on my two middle groups that get the concept but just need that extra reinforcement. My lowest group hasn't quite tackled this yet...and may not for a while yet. 

They loved this and it was a great way for me to see who gets it, who struggles with a particular middle sound, and a great review as well. I think the best part was when the students realized it's a flip flap book! :)

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