Monday, February 10, 2014

100th Day Fun & a Giveaway

We celebrated our 100th day today. It was pushed back a week because of all that white stuff that fell from the sky and stayed around for 4 days---I'm NOT going to say the name b/c they are calling for MORE tomorrow and Wednesday!!!! :/ (Maybe not calling it what it is will make it go away!) 

We had fun though. Mondays are normally our block of specials (I don't usually have the kiddos on Monday mornings until lunch and then they have Guidance after lunch--so I "finally" get them around 1:15! But today was our Valentine festival at school so we stayed in the gym all morning have stations and fun games for Valentine's day. 

So the 100th day festivities began after 1:15. Which left little time to do a lot but we still had a blast!

I created this shirt this weekend (my awesome IA gave me the idea b/c she made a cute one for her daughter!) See those lovely buttons in the bag? I had planned on sewing 100 of them on the shirt. But I decided that if I did that---I couldn't wear the shirt but once a year!

This is just an iron-on transfer from Michaels. It's a chalkboard sheet so it can be reused again and again! :)

Enough of me...onto the kiddos. 

Gotta love munchies! My IA sat with the kiddos at the kidney table and they were able to use the 100th day mat (found here) to sort out the food. We had the following:
  • M&M's
  • Cheez-its
  • Goldfish
  • Gummi Bears
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Chex cereal
  • Froot Loops
  • Popcorn
  • Marshmallows

We didn't get in all that we asked for so we used the BIG marshmallows that we had on hand and they could get some of those to make it add up to 100. 

We also worked on our 100 day hats and writing 100 words!

And to the end of the day....we counted and danced to 100.

And danced the Macarena!


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  1. That shirt is adorable!! Our 100th keeps moving because of you-know-what, too. Boo.
    Thanks for sharing in my 200th FUN!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  2. I love the chalkboard iron on transfer for your shirt! I may have to make a little detour tomorrow night. Thanks for sharing!

    dlTeaching Is Sweet

  3. The shirt is darling!!!! I love "goodies" sorting mat and bet the kids did too.
    Granny Goes to School