Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Are You Lucky In Love? & Giveaways! {Linky}

Two posts in one day. Call the blogging police or guards or who ever is in charge of all the rules! ;)

Molly over at Lucky to Be in First is having a cute linky party for showing what you love so I thought I'd join in! 

FIrst and foremost---love God and my family and friends and an awesome church family!! I couldn't even begin to name all of those who are such an amazing influence in my life.

But these two guys are my faves!! (Pay no mind to the pink Nerf gun the hubs has---his best friend's daughter got that for Christmas so he decided to play with it too!) Boys....

I live in Eastern NC---not far from the beach! Day trip anyone!!?? And all I can think about is the sand and salt and ocean....and the SUN and the WARM weather. Can you tell I'm OVA' the snow!?

 Chocolate and PB...need I say more?

I have "met" so many amazing friends through this crazy adventure of blogging. I can't name any one person b/c I would HATE to leave anyone out but you know who you are! Emails, giveaways, commenting, and just providing great support and feedback---you rock!
 Love you ladies!! Hugs!

I love DIY projects. Crafting, knitting, attempting to sew.....I've had so much fun creating burlap door hangers. Here's my new one for my front door!!

There are so many other things that I love but I don't think this post should be TOOOOO long, do you? 

I HEART creating, sharing, collaborating for TPT and TN. What an amazing blessing it has been....I get discouraged sometimes but I know that it's for my students OR your students. Those that need it the most--the kids. That's who it's for. 

I LOVE Teaching---as discouraging as it may be, especially with all the stuff NC teachers are going through. But I do love it. I'm not even sure I would know what else I would do.

So what do you love? Make sure you head over to Molly's linky party and link up!!

And don't forget about my friend Colleen's 200 follower giveaway!! I'm giving away my Beginning Sound Bundle and I hear that there is a TPT gift card in the mix as well!!  Click on the picture to take you over!

And I heard that the Mystery Box is BAAACCKKKK!!!!! I hope I can win this one day!! It's such an amazing giveaway from some even more amazing bloggers!!

Mystery box 2014 BOX 


  1. Your door hanger is adorable! Nice work!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  2. OMG - Nicki, we are long lost friends...I hide PB M&Ms in my desk drawer and sneak them all day long!! Shhhhhh. And how awesome to have the beach so close! Thinking warm thoughts for you :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. I love crafting too. There's nothing more relaxing than a good project :)

    Granny Goes to School