Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sentence Practice & CVC Words

One activity we worked on this week was building sentences. Many of my students do a good job with this, but others...well struggle. I wanted them to have extra practice but not necessarily during writing time. 

I put the students into groups of 3-4. I gave each group a set of word cards and they had to build the sentence. We reminded each other that capital letters go at the beginning and punctuation at the end. The groups worked together to build the sentence and practice reading (this helped those struggling readers to feel successful).

After reading, each group came up and placed their sentence in the pocket chart. They then read the sentence to the class. Once all groups had a turn, I gave each group another set.

Another activity we practiced this week in small groups was CVC words. I did this with one of my middle groups. I have a set of letter cards from a pocket chart activity I bought years ago. (I think these are from desktop pocket charts I found at Wal-Mart on sale?)

I actually made this activity years ago as well, but pulled it out for the first time this year. I used old file folders and velcro dots to make this. Each set has only 3 picture cards (again on with velcro dots). The students are given the folder with only the picture cards on them. They then have to use the letters to build the word.

I love this set of cards because it's color coded, so if something is missing, I can easily find it. 

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  1. I really like your idea of teaming the kids up for sentence building... it's make for a great cooperative activity while allowing the students to provide support for each other. Thanks for sharing!

    Granny Goes to School