Monday, March 24, 2014

If I Was a Dinosaur....

As promised from yesterday's post, I'm back with pictures from my kiddos dinosaur writing. We wrote a lot about dinosaurs the last two weeks but one of our favorite writings was when they talked about what they would do if they were a dinosaur.

I made a huge chart (no picture sorry) that said If I was a dinosaur.....and had boxes that said live, eat, look, etc.

I modeled first by saying..if I was a dinosaur I would be green, have spikes, 4 legs. I would live near the water and eat fish. 

Then I modeled how to follow what we wrote and create my picture. After, I modeled how to write each sentence.

The kiddos did great!! 

 If I was a dinosaur, I will live in the woods. I will be green.

 If I was a dinosaur, I would eat fish and I would eat another dinosaur. I go to the woods. I would be red. 

 If I was a dinosaur, I would be purple. I would have nine legs. (Whoa!)

 If I was a dinosaur, I would be yellow. I would have four legs. I would have four teeth. I would have sharp teeth. (She finished on the back---check out those teeth!)

 How cute!!!

 (This kid can spell and read anything you give him---so everything is spelled correctly. No inventive spelling here!)  He would live by the playground and be heavy!

I created a little sheet for you. Click on the picture to grab it!
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  1. I am teaching dinosaurs this week. This post was perfect!! Thank you. Stephanie