Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Currently & March Family Project

Don't you hate it when you have TONS of pictures that you took of a really awesome activity and you get home and you didn't save them!?! Grr....I'll have to blog tomorrow about our final Black History project that we did last week. It was soooo fun! And turned out great!

But it's March now. Currently Time!
I love Farley's new design!!! Especially the colors!

Yes--I am a fan of The Walking Dead. Who knew?! It all started when the hubs and I could NOT figure out what the big deal about this whole zombie thing was. Until last year--a day of nothing on TV, it was raining and gloomy. So let's look at Netflix----well let's try out one episode. Which led into the first two seasons watched that entire week. Hooked. Yes. 

 I did nothing today. Battling a horrific headache since last night. So nothing today. 

 I take that back---I did walk the dog because it was 70 degrees today. B-E-A-Utiful!! Tomorrow will start off in the 60s and be in the 30s by lunch. Ugh. Over it!

I'm wanting some new shoes. Particularly navy or black.

And I need to finish some projects that I've started. And the ones that are in my head that I haven't quite begun yet. 

Burlap, hot glue, paint. Whatcha think?

This month I wanted to do a fun family project. I hate homework. I give it to the kids. It never gets returned, the parents do it for them, and the list goes on. But when I do a family's soooo much better!! And a lot less paper! ;)

So our project this month is of course---building a leprechaun trap. I did this one year for an OBSERVATION! With an intern. Oh my goodness----it was sooo fun! So why not let the parents get involved.

In our room--our little guy is named Pat. He's been around for years. I talk about him a lot. And then stuff seems to happen (kinda like with Charlie---our Elf on the Shelf). 

Here's the letter I'm sending home as well as the writing paper. I left it blank in the area for the name, as well as for the date you would want it returned.

Click on the picture to grab it up!!


  1. Hey Nicki!

    I, too, did absolutely nothing today. I spent it inside shivering as I looked outside at our ice and snow covered subdivision!

    I love your leprechaun note home! I've only hunted for those mischievous creatures once and it was a blast! I think getting parents involved is a wonderful idea!

  2. I'm a reluctant Walking Dead fan too! Hubs has been watching forever, and I really just got into it this year. I'm hopping off of the computer right now so I can watch! Have a great night!
    Chalk & Apples

  3. Thanks for your advice about followers! I'm so new to this that I definitely would love to run a giveaway but I'm just not sure how people will see it, do I just write to other bloggers to let them know?!
    Also, I love your leprechaun note home to parents. SO fun!!! Thanks again!
    Tricks of the Trade in First Grade

  4. I love the leprechaun trap activity... such fun homework! Thanks for the great freebie.