Sunday, March 23, 2014

More than Five for Sunday

Today is the first day I've picked up the computer since last Wednesday. Way's a look back at the fun we had last week!

A month or two ago, our principal told us we had $300 to spend in our classroom, so pick out what you want. We got our stuff in this week, so we had lots of fun playing and learning how to use our new items!

I never have more than 6 kiddos in small groups--so we got 6 of these magic boards. Love them!! 

We go also are still working on writing our numbers, so these dry erase numbers 0-20 are perfect practice!

Rhyming is always tricky so this magnetic rhyming activity is great review and extra practice. (I also got this in beginning sounds as well!)


This week we also wrote on our tables to practice number writing. The small group that did this was in total shock that I let them write on the table. But they had fun---that's what matters.


One of my kiddos was practicing his nonsense/real word sort using the basketball madness freebie. He had fun with this.

I do my best to differentiate morning work (again--I try my best! LOL) but this little one was practicing her beginning sounds as a review. She of course wanted to rush and not color neatly but we're still working on that.

Building shapes is always hard for some---so I bought some new play dough and we had a quick review before lunch. 

And we finished up dinosaurs this week---just remembered I forgot to take pictures of their writing!! We wrote about If I was a dinosaur.....(what would I look like, eat, where would I live, etc.) Great writing! I'll take pictures on Monday and post.

We did our cookie fossil activity!


It was a long, busy, but very fun week. Now off to do lesson planning (ugh--least favorite part!). 

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