Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leprechaun Traps & a Giveaway

I've had my students make leprechaun traps before...but never like this. The last time was for a formal observation...yes I said a formal observation. Principal, TA, intern, and myself all in the room while students worked in groups to build a trap.

This year, I wanted my students to complete this at home. I'm not a real big fan of homework---lack of paper, doesn't ever get returned, waste of paper, maybe one or 5 students actually complete it.....but family projects....are a little different. 

I sent home a sheet I created about can grab it by clicking on the picture below. 

It explains everything....and the blanks are for you to fill in the leprechaun's name (Ours is named Pat!) and the date it is due. It also comes with a writing sheet.

I couldn't believe the response. Out of 20 kids (yes that's a magnificent number of students---past 5 years it's been 25 or more) I had 16 returned..and one is coming in on Monday!

I was so excited. The students had to write about it and explain it to the class during presentations. We were so excited because just the imagination and creativity of these traps were awesome. And when they presented---I was surprised at the explanations of some of them. 

Take a look....

 Aren't these great!!!??? I loved how they could explain how they worked and each one was so different!

The one below---quote from the kiddo "the leprechaun is playing over here and oh wow...he sees the path....follows it and find the gold! Shut goes the lid and he is trapped!" 

The gold hides the hole. Leprechaun falls in and is trapped! (All I could smell was chocolate! :)

And then this guy walked in late...and we all said...whoa. Here he is explaining how it works. 

Up close. (The leprechaun hanging from the parachute is "sneaky" and the other leprechaun PLAYED MUSIC AND DANCED!!!! Can you believe it?? He was the distraction I think he said!

So much fun. I think Pat would be very impressed when he comes to "visit" again on Monday. I think treats may be in order for these hard workers. 

And yesterday I posted about how I've learned to make QR codes. I added 10 to my beginning sounds bundle. Wanna win a copy?? Enter below. 




  1. Nicki! I am in love with those traps! I am embarrassed of ours now. :)
    You are a super teacher!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. Girl---it was all the parents this year...surprising really...but pretty awesome! :) Thanks!